Norina Down Under Elegance by Patty... Sparkling Gossip

# What time is it? 9:50 PM

# What is your full surname? Nora Bente

# When is your birthday? 6.2.1990

# Place of birth? Frankfurt am Main

# Colour of the trousers you’re wearing at the moment? Blue jeans…

# What are you hearing at the moment? Nothing

# Last things you’ve eaten? Noodles

# Do you have a pet? A dog (Beagle) and two rabbits

# Where would you like to go in your honeymoon? Paris or Venice or Toscany or to an awesome city I haven’t been to yet

# What is the weather like at the moment? At the moment just dark, but during the day it was sunny

# Last person you phoned with: Matthis

# Was bemerkst Du als Erstes am anderen Geschlecht? das Auffälligste^^

# How are you today? Good =)

# What your favourite drink? Don’t know

# Are you pierced? Earrings… so not really

# Do you have a tattoo? No

# Favourite sport to watch: soccer

# Which CD are you going to buy next? No CD? ^^

# What is your eye colour? Blue

# Do you wear contacts? No

# Do you have brothers and sister, if yes, how old are they? Sister, 9 years old

# What is the last movie you watched in the cinema? Pirates of the Caribbean

# What is the best day in the whole year? Um, the best one?

# Did you ever have had a car accident? Um, not me, but with my parents some small ones ^^

# Which movies do you like more? Creepy or funny? I like both…

# What is your favourite holiday place? Something with a beach and/or one or more nice cities ^^

# Summer or winter? Nice summer, but I need winter with snow ^^

# Hugs or kisses? Depends on the person

# Relationship or One Night Stand? Relationship

# Have you ever loved someone so much, that he made you cry? Ummm

# On which place do you want to be kissed? Sunset on the beach, and in the rain

# Your favourite book? Atm my sisters keeper

# Have you ever been punished because of a crime? Nope

# What are you doing if you are bored? Computer, or reading, or (normally not, but in Australia) watching TV

# When are you going to bed? Normally during the week sometime around 10 maybe? But sometimes/often it gets later ^^

# What is at the moment the best thing in your life? That I’m in Australia!! Love it!

# Chocolate or vanilla? Schoko forever!

# How much do you love your job? Which job? I’m at school, and don’t have one…

# In welchem Geschäft würdest Du Deine Kreditkarte bis aufs Maximum auslasten? H&M

# What time is it? 9:53PM, but I think I started this whole thing on another day

# What is the colour of your socks? Beige

# What is the colour of the wallpaper in your room? Half is white, the other half is light yellow, and there is red stripe

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